Fu-se Vacuum Forming is a highly creative company, having both software and hardware technologies of 3D surface decorative forming, vacuum forming and pressure forming.
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Since the company was founded by Yanosuke Taki in 1956, FVF has enjoyed a reputation as a highly creative company. We have established departments that focus on both the forming process and manufacturing of forming equipment in order to develop the process technology for thermoforming and to put the technology into practice.
Working together with the manufacturers of thermoformed products and the suppliers of raw materials, we have made efforts to develop and grow a market where thermoformed products are widely utilized. Aiming for further growth, we have also established the technology of Next Generation Forming (NGF Forming) in order to develop an environmentally-friendly decorative solution. The potential of this technology is attracting attention from the entire industry as it offers an alternative processing method to painting and chrome plating. NGF Forming can also be used as a surface treatment to improve the functionality of the base material and final product.
Based on our corporate motto of “Do our best in everything and have no regrets”, rather than relying only on past successes, we spare no effort to train our employees to value progress and keep a positive attitude aiming for future growth.

President Takayuki Miura



While serving as a key player in the wide-ranging thermoforming industry, which includes products for state-of-the-art vehicle interiors, finishes for home appliances, office furniture, car bodies and leisure-related activities, FVF will always try to expand our vision for the future to pursue the potential for thermoformed products in our daily lives. We believe it is the mission and constant goal for FVF to transform the unlimited potential of thermoforming into practice at a higher level, using our multi-directional view as a technology-related company.

Thermoforming (heat molding)...Thermoforming is a process that involves heating a sheet of thermoplastic resin, forming it into a shape while it’s still hot, and then cooling it down to make a formed product.

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Company Name Fu-se Vacuum Forming Ltd. (Fu-se Vacuum Forming)
Head Office Location 2-103 Komagatani, Habikino-shi (Inside Kashiwabara Habikino SME Industrial Park)
Head Office Contact TEL :072-958-1401 (Main)
FAX :072-958-3125
Business purpose 1. Manufacture and sale of vacuum forming machinery and ancillary equipment of thermoplastic synthetic resin
2. Manufacture and sale of molds and jigs for vacuum forming
3. Manufacture and sale of trimming machines for finish processing of vacuum formed products
4. Manufacture and sale of formed products by thermoplastic synthetic resin
5. Development, prototype and research of new products made by thermoplastic synthetic resin
Establishment February 7, 1956
Capital 80,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 50 (as of July 31, 2009)
Officers President & CEO Takayuki Miura
Director Toshio Hayami
Director Tamio Shimizu
Auditor Koji Minami
Business facility Main plant 2-103 Komagatani, Habikino-shi 583-0841
(Inside Kashiwabara Habikino SME Industrial Park)
(Site: 1549 square meters; Building: 1506 square meters)
<Sales Department, Manufacturing Department>
<General Affairs Department>
TEL 072-950-4141
Tech Plaza 1000-79 Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara-shi 583-0027
(Site: 840 square meters; Building: 1003 square meters)
TEL: 072-978-7741
FAX: 072-978-7720
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November 1954 Yanosuke Taki founded Fu-se Vacuum Institute at 6-chome Hishiyanishi, Higashi-Osaka, and started the development and research on form processing of thermoplastic synthetic resin, processing materials, forming machinery and ancillary equipment.
February 1956 The Institute was reorganized to limited company and renamed as Fu-se Vacuum Institute Co., Ltd. Capital: 1,000,000 yen
March 1961 The company name was changed to the current one: Fu-se Vacuum Forming Ltd. Capital: 2,000,000 yen
March 1978 Founding President Yanosuke Taki retired. Director Takayuki Miura was appointed as the President.
February 1982 Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen
April 1984 Habikino plant was built at Komagatani Habikino-shi
September 1984 Capital increased to 20,000,000 yen
November 1984 Cubic type forming machine was developed
November 1985 Cubic type trimming machine was developed
February 1986 Capital increased to 50,000,000 yen
September 1989 Patent of "Plastic Vacuum Forming Equipment" (Twp-stage Vacuum Circuit) was awarded
October 1989 Tech Plaza was completed at Enmyo-cho Kashiwara-shi
December 1992 Patent of "Plastic Board 2-side Suction Type Vacuum Forming Equipment" was awarded
January 1993 Twin Composite Forming (TCF) Machine was developed
July 1993 Debt guarantee from Venture Enterprise Center (VEC) was secured, due to the development of Twin Composite Forming Machine
November 1993 Patent of "5-axis Cutting Head" was awarded
March 1994 Ultrahigh-pressure forming method was developed
June 1994 Patent of "Thermoforming method" (Expansion Type Free-clamp Method) was awarded
May 1998 Certification of Creative Business Activities was received from Osaka Prefecture by the Development of Forming Machine using Near-infrared Heater"
July 1998 Capital increased to 80,000,000 yen
August 1998 Development of "TOM Forming Method (3D Curved Surface Coating Form)"
October 1999 Head office (Higashi-Osaka) was relocated to Habikino Plant
February 2000 Development of NGF Forming method
(Patent Pending)
November 2001 Delivery of NGF-TOM-1221 to Tokai JP
June 2003 Commission on development was received from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
September 2004 Delivery of Forming Machine for door panel to LG Chem (Korea)
October 2005 Patent of "Vacuum Forming Equipment" (NGF Forming Method) was awarded
(Patent No. 3733564)
November 2006 Exhibition on "Venture Expo 2006"
March 2007 Three patents related to "NGF Forming Method" were rewarded
February 2008 Product formed by TOM Method was adopted to automotive exterior genuine parts of HONDA
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