Fu-se Vacuum Forming is a highly creative company, having both software and hardware technologies of 3D surface decorative forming, vacuum forming and pressure forming.
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Next Generation Forming Technology "NGF Forming" and 3D Surface Decoration "TOM Method"

Next Generation Technology "NGF Forming" 次世代成形法「NGF成形」の詳細

Next Generation Forming “NGF Forming” is an expanded form of conventional Vacuum Pressure Forming. By introducing air-tight vacuum boxes (chambers) that allow air to be removed from the chamber before the forming step, it is no longer necessary to have holes or cavities inside the mold. Not only can it further reduce mold cost, as a forming mold, it can also use the actual product directly.

3D Surface Decorative Technology "TOM Method" 三次元表面加飾技術「TOM工法」の詳細

3D Total Overlay Method (“TOM”) surface decorating technology if a derivative of NGF Forming. An FVF development, TOM allows the mold to be replaced with an actual molded part so the decorative finish is applied directly. It basically turns the “mold” of thermoforming to a “base material” to be decorated.

3D Surface Decorative Technology "TOM Method"

Developed a Laser Trimming Machine equipped with a CO2 laser and a six-axis robot. This machine is optimised for trimming TOM-formed components as well as trimming insert moulded component surfaces.

<Compact>Vacuum Pressure Forming (For Insert Mold) <小型>真空・圧空成形(インサートモールド用)の詳細

Compact Vacuum Pressure Forming is a compact Machine FVF developed to form films for Insert Molding.

Vacuum Forming 真空成形の詳細

Vacuum Forming is the most widely used thermoforming process method.
It heats and softens a sheet, vacuums air between the sheet and mold, and forms the sheet by pressing it to the mold. After forming, the product is removed by cooling and air releasing. This technique is broadly divided into two types: Straight Forming (“Female Forming”) and Drape Forming (“Male Forming”).

Pressure Forming 圧空成形の詳細

Pressure forming, an enhanced version of Vacuum Forming, is one of the thermoforming methods wildly used.
It forms product by using compressed air to stretch the sheet to be formed in mold after heating and softening it. Compared to Vacuum Forming, where the forming pressure can't exceed 0.1 Mpa using compressed air from a compressor, the forming pressure with Pressure Forming can be increased several times over to create detailed shapes.

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