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This Vacuum Forming Machine (CUVF) is a cubic type and state-of-the-art for vacuum forming. It ahs renewed the image of forming machines with its innovative design and sealed structure to ensure excellent thermoforming efficiency. It is more compact that conventional models and does not require any pit construction. The unit is computer-controlled and has a low-floor structure, which improves the usability and productivity, making it easy to use even by female operators. In addition, future system upgrades can be achieved by adding optional equipment.


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◆Top and bottom heater temperature adjustment CCS-34 (Picture①)
◆Remote adjustment for plug stroke (Picture ②)
◆One-touch lock mechanism of blow door (Picture ③)
◆Joy clamp frame mechanism (Picture④)
◆Weekly schedule timer (Picture⑤)
◆Free bearing for mold change
◆Sheet surface temperature measurement control circuit
◆Automatic cooling spray device

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■Machine dimensional drawing

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■Machine specifications

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