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3D surface decorative processing method

In today’s industrial economy, a wide variety of products are created with features that address market needs. “Decoration” is one of the methods to add attractive features to those products and to improve performance. A variety of colors and materials can be crafted to add decorative treatments to the product surface. Various processes, such as Insert Molding and In-Mold Decoration (decorative processes for injection-molded plastic parts) and hydrographics (decorative processes using water transfer of ink designs) are widely used to decorate interior automotive components and the surface of home appliances. However, there are restrictions on the materials and shapes of decorated products that can be made using those processes.

Since our founding in 1956, we have made efforts to develop alternate processing technologies and strived to put those technologies into practice. Thermoforming (heat molding) is a processing method to make products by pressing a plastic sheet (thermoplastic resin sheet) into a mold after heating and softening the sheet. It includes Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming. Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming are suitable for large product shapes, with low mold costs and lead times. However, the disadvantages are low thermal efficiency, unstable forming conditions and low material yield.
Our development of Next Generation Forming technology (NGF Forming) alleviates those problems and expands the advantages of Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming. No cavities or vacuum holes are need in the mold structure, so the mold cost is lower. It can even use a molded article in place of the mold, allowing the film to be applied directly to a finished part. By replacing the “mold” of thermoforming with a “base material” to be decorated, it creates a totally new surface decorating method. The Total Overlay Method (“TOM”) was developed by FVF to take advantage of that feature.

A variety of 3D surface decorative methods

Positions of NGF Forming and TOM Forming Thermoforming “vacuum forming, pressure forming, compact vacuum and pressure forming, twin composite forming” and next generation technology “NGF Forming” and 3D surface decoration “TOM Method” 真空成形 圧空成形 ツインコンポジット成形 次世代成形技術NGF成形 三次元表面加飾「TOM工法」通常加飾 三次元表面加飾「TOM工法」転写トリミングレス 小型真空・圧空成形
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Forming Technology
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