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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum FormingStandard of Thermoforming. Low mold cost, suitable for low-volume productions.

Vacuum Forming is the most widely used thermoforming process method. It heats and softens a sheet, vacuums air between the sheet and mold, and forms the sheet by pressing it to the mold. After forming, the product is removed by cooling and air release. This technique is broadly divided into two types: Straight Forming (“Female Forming”) and Drape Forming (“Male Forming”).

Features of Vacuum Forming

Features of Vacuum Forming

◎Mold cost is low to be suitable to low-volume production.
◎In Male Forming, high-gloss surfaced products can be manufactured because product’s side that is not facing mold can be made the surface of the product.
◎Surface decorative flexibility is high.

Interior and exterior of cars, golf cart
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Forming techniques of Vacuum Forming

Forming technique in vacuum formingStraight Forming (Female Forming)Drape Forming (Male Forming)Plug assistAir slip (Air blow)

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