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Pressure Forming

Pressure FormingStandards of thermoforming mothod. Form by compressed air pressure

Pressure Forming, an enhanced version of Vacuum Forming, is another of the thermoforming methods that is widely used. It forms product by using compressed air to stretch the sheet to be formed in the mold after heating and softening it. Compared to Vacuum Forming, where the forming pressure can’t exceed 0.1 Mpa using compressed air from a compressor, the forming pressure with Pressure Forming can be increased several times over to create detailed shapes.

Thermoforming (heat molding)… Thermoforming is a process that involves heating a sheet of thermoplastic resin, forming it into a shape while it’s still hot, and then cooling it down to make a formed product.

Features of Pressure Forming

Features of Pressure Forming
Forming by compressed air pressure can make the product’s shape more detailed and precise to the mold shape. Even sharp lines and leather grain pattern can be transferred to the surface of the product, similar to the effect of injection molding.
●Sharp-edge shape can be formed
Sample 1
●Characters and grain patterns can be formed
Sample 2
●Even yarn patterns can be formed
Sample 3
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Forming methods of Pressure Forming

Forming techniques in pressure formingPressure forming (with male-slide)

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